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What is it mean to be a Tyrant?

You got the degree after murdering? or after a treatment?
Can you get it by going against everyone else? against you family? the people who love you? are they actually love you? or that they’re just hypnotized from your power?
For being a good tyrant, you should let people live in real life not like in the fuck world of terrorism and intimidation.
In the way you’re making things people understand you’re afraid, you’re afraid that one day everything will screw up and you won’t have a thing. You will be alone, without power or money or maybe you’ll die by pains.
A Good tyrant is not a tyrant.
A good tyrant is a human being.

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why are boys hot and cute like wtf take a break

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Rudy after eating a rat…

Rudy after eating a rat…

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I’ll never understand how Charlie Hunnam is so perfect.

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Bored… I got new floors…

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Fear the people who feel comfortable swearing in front of their parents

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